what to expect at step parent adoption hearing

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There is normally a hearing to finalize the adoption (see page 4 of Stepparent Adoption fact sheet). The court willconfirm consent from the other parent or the child (if she鈥檚 old enough) and ask further questions. If the other parent objects to the adoption,those arguments are considered too.

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  • What happens at an adoption hearing?

  • The attorney asks the parents to introduce themselves, and elicits brief testimony to verify that the adoption should take place. If the child is old enough, the lawyer may ask him if he wants the adoption to proceed.

  • How does the adoption process work for adopted children?

  • The adoptive parents, the adopted child, the family鈥檚 attorney, and, sometimes, their social worker assemble in a courtroom or in the judge鈥檚 chambers. The entire family stands up in front of the judge, and the judge swears them in. 2.

  • What to expect at a family court hearing?

  • What to Expect at the Hearing Typically, a hearing is closed to the public, but open to all family and friends whom you choose to invite. The judge or court staff will have reviewed the paperwork in advance to make sure that everything is in order, so the proceedings are brief, about 30 to 60 minutes. Here鈥檚 what happens where I practice: 1.

  • What happens after adoption is finalized?

  • The finalization of a child鈥檚 adoption marks the finish line of a marathon. When a court issues a decree of adoption, your relationship as parent and child is permanently and legally established.

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