what to say to an estranged dying parent

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The loss of a parent is never an easy thing, but often the death of an estranged parent or one who has been absent from the children causes feelings that are difficult for the child to process. Hallett suggests, You can initiate a conversation by saying something like,’You are so important to me. Be a good listener.

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  • How do you deal with an estranged mother?

  • Be respectful Try finding ways to show respect even when you feel that your estranged parent didn’t deserve it. You can direct your words of sympathy, love, and support to the other members of your family. You don’t have to say anything at all that acknowledges the relationship you had with your parent.

  • What to say when someone loses an estranged parent?

  • It can be even more complicated when someone loses an estranged parent. Determining a thoughtful thing to say depends on your relationship with the person. If you are a close friend or family member, it鈥檚 important to acknowledge the complicated nature of the loss.

  • What happens when your estranged parent dies?

  • Funeral attendance, flights across the country, other people鈥檚 feelings and their own feelings. The loss may leave them mourning not only their estranged parents death but also the loss of an imaginary, what-may-have-been relationship.

  • How do people find out about the death of their parents?

  • Sometimes people find out about the death of their parent in an insensitive way. Maybe they found out after the fact in obituaries or through the 鈥済rape-vine鈥?of other estranged family members. Communication in estranged family relationships are sometimes non-existent. It is not unusual for major events 鈥?even a death 鈥?to not be communicated.

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