what type of family is formed when parents remarry

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  • What are the two types of family?

  • On the basis of nature of relations among the family members, the family can be classified into two main types: The matriarchal family known as mother centered or mother dominated family. The mother or the woman is the head of the family.

  • What is a matrilineal family?

  • The Matrilineal family is Matrilocal and Matriarchal in nature. This type of family found among the Nayers of Kerala and among tribals like Garos and Khashis. This type of family is the family in which descent or ancestry is traced or determined or run through both father and mother.

  • Which type of family is based on polygamy system of marriage?

  • This type of family is based on polygamy system of marriage. As in polygamy one man marries more than one woman and vice-versa hence two type of family system is found to exists such as polyandrous and polygamous family. This family is based on polyandry system of marriage in which one woman marries more than one man at a time.

  • What is a nuclear family called?

  • Nuclear families, also known as elementary or traditional families, consist of two parents (usually married or common law) and their children. Nuclear families may have one or more children who are biological or adopted, but the main idea is that the parents are raising their kids together in the family home.

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