when a parent goes to prison

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When a parent goes to prison, it can have adevastating effect on the family that are left behind to cope with the aftermath. The parent that is in prison may feel as though they are the ones left in a difficult position but unfortunately the pressure put upon the parent that is left to care for the family is immense.

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  • What happens to a family when a parent goes to prison?

  • When a parent goes to prison, things can often change at home 鈥?sometimes for the better and sometimes for worse. Sometimes having a parent in prison can create money worries, and there might be more stress for the rest of the family. But remember, this is never your fault.

  • How does parental incarceration affect children?

  • Parental incarceration puts children in their own prison. These emotional reactions can turn into severe behavioural problems, triggering conflicts between the child and others. Many children of incarcerated parents develop feelings of anger and aggression, leading to failed friendships in school.

  • Can a child visit a parent in prison?

  • Once a child understands incarceration and what it means for them, they may be able to visit their parent in prison. Prison visitations are often portrayed on television and in film, but reality often differs. Visitors may have to wait an extended period of time before seeing an inmate, which can be challenging when visiting with young children.

  • How can I help my child cope with a parent in prison?

  • You could speak to their school and allow them to support your child too. They can speak to someone at Get Connected or Childline as well. It also is your choice if you wanted to allow them to come on visits to see their parent who is in prison.

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