who are justin trudeau’s parents

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Starting off, Justin Pierre James Trudeau was born on Christmas day, the 25th of December 1971. Justin Trudeau was born to his mother,Margaret Sinclair, and his father, Pierre Trudeau at the Ottawa Civic Hospital in Canada. Justin is the eldest of three children born of the union between his parents.

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  • What is Justin Trudeau’s family background?

  • He is the first Prime Minister whose parent was a previous Prime Minister. Growing up in a broken family, Justin spent his time in Ottawa, then British Columbia, before settling with his siblings and father in Montreal. But, he remained close to his mother and her new family.

  • Who is Justin Pierre James Trudeau?

  • Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau born on October 18, 1919, was father to Justin and his siblings and the 15th Prime Minister of Canada. He was active in his advocacy together with the Liberal Party. He is known to be the third-longest serving Primes Minister in the country. Jun 08, 2020 Right Honourable Justin Pierre James Trudeau.

  • How many kids does Justin Trudeau have?

  • Justin Trudeau is the 23rd and second youngest prime minister of Canada. He is also the son of ex-prime minister Pierre Trudeau. Justin is married to his childhood sweetheart and they have three kids. Updated On June 20, 2021

  • Is Fidel Castro Justin Trudeau鈥檚 dad?

  • Of Course Fidel Castro is Justin Trudeau鈥檚 Dad. Nobody Has 鈥楧ebunked鈥?Anything In the age of sloppy journalism, few authors are sloppier than those who claim they 鈥榙ebunked鈥?the story that Fidel Castro is Justin Trudeau鈥檚 biological father.

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