who is lourdes rodriguez parents

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  • Who is Alex Rodriguez mother Lourdes Rodriguez?

  • Lourdes Rodriguez is the mother of an American former professional baseball player, philanthropist, and businessman, Alex Rodriguez . He has played for 22 seasons in Major League Baseball for the Seattle Mariners, New York Yankees, and Texas Rangers. She was married to Victor Rodriguez. He used to play baseball for the Dominican Republic .

  • How many children does Lourdes Rodriguez have?

  • Lourdes was already a divorced woman and had two kids named Suzy Dunand and Joe Dunand Sr before marrying Victor . Victor and Lourdes only had two children named Alexander Emanuel Rodriguez, born on July 27, 1975. The other child was named after Victor.

  • Who is Georgina Rodriguez鈥檚 father Jorge Rodriguez?

  • Georgina Rodriguez’s father was Argentinian and her mother is Spanish. Her father Jorge Rodriguez was a cocaine and cannabis kingpin who spent ten years in jail. Jorge served time in Spain for two offences.

  • Who is Lourdes Leon’s father?

  • Lourdes Leon’s father, Carlos Leon, has always been there for her no matter what. Lourdes’ father, Carlos, is a personal fitness trainer-turned actor who has appeared in a solid bunch of notable roles since making the transition from exercising to acting.

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