who killed batmans parents

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Joe Chill

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  • What happened to Batman’s parents?

  • The senseless murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne created Batman. As iconic as it is, the scene has changed often over the years. The driving force behind Bruce Wayne’s crusade as Batman was the tragic murder of his parents, Thomas and Martha. Bruce had to watch his parents die in front of him as the shooter ran free, but who exactly was the killer?

  • Who killed Bruce Wayne鈥檚 parents in the Batman?

  • Despite the changing Bat chronology and canon that began with Batman, Christopher Nolan chose to follow the original, established mythology and in Batman Begins revealed that Joe Chill was responsible for the murder of Bruce鈥檚 parents.

  • Is the Reaper Batman’s father?

  • In the fight that followed, the Reaper was revealed to be the father of Batman’s girlfriend, a story point that (very loosely) inspired the animated movie Mask of the Phantasm. Oh, and then there’s a sequel to that story with a new version of the Reaper, who turns out to be Joe Chill Jr., out for revenge of his own.

  • What happened to Thomas Wayne in Batman The Telltale Series?

  • In the video game Batman: The Telltale Series , it is slowly revealed that the Wayne murders weren’t as random as Bruce was led to believe and that Thomas hid a disturbing secret from Gotham and his son. His entire life, Bruce Wayne thought that Joe Chill killed his parents in a random act of violence.

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