how much money did harry’s parents leave him

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  • Did Harry Potter鈥檚 parents leave him a lot of money?

  • Harry Potter 鈥檚 parents were killed when he was one-year old and he lived with his (muggle) aunt and uncle for ten years, so it came as a big surprise to him 鈥?as well as readers and viewers 鈥?that his parents left him a lot of money, but how much was it?

  • How much money did the queen mother leave to Prince Harry’s children?

  • The Queen Mother left 14 million in a trust fund to her great-grandchildren in her will to help support them, but with the understanding that Harry would receive more than his brother Prince William.

  • How did Harry Potter have so much money?

  • It never really mentions how come Harry Potter has so much money, but James Potter inherited a lot of money from his parents and no doubt Sirius Black’s relations are rich. I think they provided Harry Potter with enough money for comfortable living given Harry has no siblings or other members of family to share his parent’s money with.

  • Where did Harry’s money come from?

  • The money he was left from his parents came from his dad’s side of the family, for they were really wealthy. When Sirius died he left Harry all of his possessions, including his own great wealth from being the sole heir to the Black family fortune.

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