how to go no contact with parents

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  • Should I go 鈥渘o contact鈥?with my family?

  • While the saying goes 鈥測ou can pick your friends, but not your family,鈥?you can choose to go 鈥渘o contact鈥?with them. You shouldn鈥檛 feel like you have to have them in your life. If a family member manipulates, guilts or otherwise emotionally drains you, cutting them out of your life would be for the best.

  • Will I be judged if I go no contact with my parents?

  • You may be judged by friends of your parents or the family, and your extended family. If you have siblings and they are caught up in the narcissistic family system, they will probably side with your parents. It鈥檚 quite likely that a narcissistic parent will try to manipulate the situation to avoid any shame on themselves for your no contact.

  • Why do parents go no contact with their daughters?

  • Going No Contact: The Role of Shame In an unconscious attempt to maintain equilibrium and resist change, family members may launch attacks against the daughter. A common and virulent form of backlash is 鈥淧athologizing鈥?the daughter: Seeing the conflict as a result of some form of pathology in the daughter.

  • Why might you hesitate to break off contact with your parents?

  • Taking the decision to break off contact with your parents or family is a big one. Why might you hesitate to make this decision? It鈥檚 likely to trigger off enormous feelings of guilt and shame. As if you weren鈥檛 doing your duty. Or you were betraying your family.

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