how to have instagram without your parents knowing

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  • Should I let my parents know I’m making my Instagram account public?

  • If you’ve shown that you can be responsible with an account for 3-6 months, politely let you parents know that you are making your account public to gain more followers. If your parents find out about these changes before you tell them, they may feel like their trust has been violated and will overreact, potentially cutting your account.

  • How to convince your parents that Instagram is safe?

  • This is often enough to convince your parents that Instagram is a safe place for you online. As opposed to public accounts, private accounts: Allow you to accept or deny any new followers. Removes you from search engine results. Hides your information and photos from anyone you have not cleared already.

  • How do I get my parents to let me follow them on Instagram?

  • Help your parents start their own account. Help them set up an account and let them follow you, which lets them feel like they can be a part of your Instagram and eases their concerns. Many parents won’t want to be on Instagram anyway, but this step shows them that you are willing to compromise and have nothing to conceal.

  • How do I get my child to have a secret Instagram?

  • Give your child the opportunity to be honest with you and tell you that they have a secret Instagram account. If you can get them to talk about it, steer the conversation to why they feel they need a secret account. Instagram added the capability to switch back and forth between multiple accounts without having to log in and out.

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