who is goku jr parents

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Dragon Ball Super has surprised audiences with a deeper look into Goku鈥檚 parents,Bardock and Gine. Akira Toriyama鈥檚 Dragon Ball Super has done excellent work with continuing the creator鈥檚 iconic shonen series for both old fans and new audiences alike.

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  • Who is the father of Goku Jr?

  • This story is about the father of Goku Jr. and Son of Pan, Ruben . About how Ruben left early after his son was born to him and his wife, who died of childbirth.

  • Is Pan Goku Jr’s Grandma?

  • While the Funimation refers to Pan as Goku Jr.’s grandmother, the original Japanese say Pan is his great-great-grandmother. Since Pan would have been at least 100 when he was born, this would make more sense considering the huge age gap between the two.

  • Is there a Jr Goku in Dragon Ball?

  • Goku Jr. (瀛偀绌恒偢銉ャ儖銈? Son Gok奴 Junia, lit. Gok奴 Son Junior) is a descendant of Pan and Goku who appears in Dragon Ball GT: A Hero’s Legacy, as well as the very last episode of Dragon Ball GT. Appearance.

  • What does Goku say to his son in Dragon Ball Super?

  • After that, Goku tells Goku Jr. to keep and treasure the Four-Star Dragon Ball as a memory of him and tells him that he is proud of him and wishes him good luck for his future. Goku Jr. is not as strong as Goku was at his age because Goku Jr. lacked the incentive to train.

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