why do asian parents have high expectations

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There could be numerous reasons as to why Asian parents have such high expectations.Westernised culture, in comparison to Asian culture, tends to favour independence. As a result, they don鈥檛 pose as much control over their children. Asians have been raised into a culture where authority is honoured.

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  • Why do Chinese parents have high expectations of their children?

  • This is different from the Western concept of self-realization. When Chinese parents’ have high expectations for their children, it suggests a sense of social responsibility and positive pursuit of the future.

  • What do Asian parents want from their children?

  • All they want is for their children to be happy and satisfied with their jobs. And to do that, they as parents will support the children all the way in the children鈥檚 pursuit for happiness. Sadly, most Asian parents nowadays are still in the first and second categories.

  • What are the expectations of Asian parents from a man?

  • For the man, a healthy paycheck is one of the key demands of an Asian parent鈥檚 expectations. All in all, this will result in a wonderful marriage by 23, and a few kids in a more-than-average sized house before 30. A complete package of the challenging Asian parent鈥檚 expectations. How much have Asian parents expectations changed?

  • Do Indian parents set high expectations of their children’s academic achievements?

  • A new Australian study from education group ASG and Monash University – which surveyed more than 1800 Australian parents and guardians – has found 80 per cent of Indian and other Asian parents set high expectations for their child鈥檚 academic achievements.

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