why do my parents always calls me fat

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  • Why does my mom always tell me that I’m Fat?

  • Your mom might think that she is helping you by telling you that you are fat. She might be worried about your becoming unhealthy and overweight. But if those are her worries, she sure is going about helping you in the worst way possible, isn’t she?

  • How to respond to fat shaming from parents or family members?

  • 7 Ways To Respond To Fat Shaming From Your Parents Or Family Members 1. Take Care Of Yourself 2. Explain Your Point Of View How Certain Comments Hurt 3. Don’t Be Afraid To Educate Them 4. Try To Sympathize 5. Be Patient 6. Disengage Entirely 7. Know It’s OK To Get Upset

  • What should I do when my sister says I鈥檓 fat?

  • Pour out your heart in it and tell her how much you hurt inside because of what she says about you being fat. Ask her why she would continue to say such things if she knows that saying them makes you feel ashamed, very sad and lonely. Talk to any family members that you trust about how you feel as well as your school counselor.

  • Why did my mom tell my teacher not to let me eat?

  • She comforted me, like any mother would. Then a few days later, when my teacher found it too difficult to continue depriving me of food, I found out my mom was the one who told her not to let me eat seconds because I was 鈥渢oo fat鈥?

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